About Susan

My name is Susan King and I opened Companion Chi in 2003 because I am dedicated to helping animals and people on their healing journeys. When I first began my business, I worked only with animals but soon realized that the people in the animals' lives had an impact on their overall well-being. I worked with several animals over the years who did improve with healing sessions but wouldn't be able to fully heal unless their people also healed. I am always amazed how often what is going on with an animal can mirror what is going on with their people. So, I now work with people as well as animals to provide all family members with the opportunity to heal.


Susan's Philosophy

Throughout the website I refer to animals not as pets but rather as companions and friends. To me, the term "pet" doesn't fully reflect the strong bond and companionship animals bring to our lives. I also avoid referring to people as "owners" since I don't see animals as property but rather as important family members. Animals embody unconditional love and the bond between animals and their people are so much more than between a person and a piece of property. My goal is to help strengthen that bond through the healing process.

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