About Susan

Susan's Career

In 1990 I graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Mathematics and began my career working for the Department of Defense and then various Information Technology companies, which lasted over 13 years. After moving to North Carolina, I started volunteering for the SPCA of Wake County (where I received the Volunteer of the Year award in 2001) and greatly enjoyed working with all of the wonderful animals who had so much love to give and just wanted to find their very own homes. After seeing the emotional and sometimes physical pain the animals suffered from their time before they came to the SPCA, I knew I wanted to find a career in which I could help these, and other, animals heal. Thus began my new career in animal massage and energetic healing.


I began my new career by attending canine massage training where I was introduced to energy work. Just like most people, I understood the power of massage, but was a bit skeptical about energy work. But, after much research and experiencing first hand the healing powers of energy work, I was soon attending training on various energetic healing modalities. I now have nearly 1,500 hours of training in various massage and bodywork modalities. For a complete listing of the training I have completed, please see Training.

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