Healing Partnership Sessions

Many times the problems that an animal is exhibiting mirrors what is going on with their people. Let Susan help both your companion and you on your healing journey.


During a Healing Partnership session, Susan will work with both you and your animal companion to help you build a healing partnership so you can be an active participant in your animal's healing process while also healing yourself.


Animals are tuned into their people and easily pick up on any stress, anxiety, fear, etc., that people are experiencing. Brave fronts that fool other people don't fool animals, anyone who works with horses can attest to that fact. During a Healing Partnership session, you will learn techniques you can use to first relieve your stress, fears, and anxieties before you help your animal companions do the same.


Animals enjoy helping people heal and it comes naturally to them, so now you can make it a two way street. The end result is a stronger bond with your beloved companion, a much healthier and happier you, and a much healthier and happier animal.


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