Otto's Guardian, Constance: "Dear Susan: I want to thank you for helping us with our dog, Otto. I am always amazed at how calm he would become in your presence! I cannot forget what happened after one of our sessions at your house. Otto usually barks and lunges (in the car) at anyone walking on the sidewalk or working on a house or riding a bike... It is very distressing to see him always so agitated! But, that day that we left your house, on our way home, Otto was so calm, he did not react at all to the mail carrier, bikers or pedestrians! I could plainly see that your techniques really helped him to regain balance and peace. Working with a rescue can be a challenge but you met it head on and we are so grateful. I would recommend you to anyone who has a pet suffering from trauma or fear associated issues. With so many people choosing rescued pets nowadays, your service is invaluable!"



Deborah Fox, Founder of Cat Angels Pet Adoptions: "We run a no-kill cat shelter and many of our cats come to us nervous and unhappy. Susan works with the hard to handle ones and they are always calmer, friendlier, and more content after she has worked with them. Susan has a great way with cats and is a true calming influence." (Note - Pictured is one of their rescued cats named Caruso who has since been adopted.)





Ginger's Foster Guardian, Kim: "Our foster dog, Ginger, benefited from Susan's talent and compassion while going through heartworm treatment. The combination of the healing methods Susan employed, along with the medication and treatment from our veterinarian, has produced a happy, healthy dog that is now ready to be placed in a forever home." (Note - Kim was fostering Ginger for Pawfect Match Rescue and she has since been adopted.)




Zydeco's Guardian, Erica: "Susan King of Companion Chi is an amazing energy healer and animal massage provider. Zydeco is my elderly cat, who I felt sure wasn't long among us. I asked Susan to do some distance energy healing with him because he seemed disoriented and no longer interacted with the humans in the house. I just wanted to make him comfortable. He was doing so much better after her session that he's still with us and happy as a cricket a year later! Susan continues to do an energy session for him every few months, and it's just amazing how you can see the difference afterwards every time. I truly am impressed! I always ask Susan to do a healing session now when we are on vacation, just to help deal with the stress for our old cat. I recommend Susan highly to friends, and to anyone who loves their pet and wants the optimal quality of life for them."


Kazul's Guardian, Irene Cotter, owner of Fur-Fetched: "I can enthusiastically endorse Susan King's ability as a canine massage provider just by the look of sheer bliss on the faces of the dogs as she works on them. Susan sets up shop at our DogGoneFast Flyball tournaments and provides massages to dogs competing in the races during the weekend. She is very gentle and patient, and the dogs just love it. I also took one of her massage classes and found her to be an excellent teacher, as patient with students who are all thumbs as she is with her doggie clients!" (Note - Kazul's picture was taken during a flyball race by Sam Bennett)



Hawk's Guardian, Sylvie Pleasant, owner of Topline K9 Solutions: "Susan King of Companion Chi is dedicated and passionate with her amazing skills at massage and Healing Touch. She can reach pets on a deeper level to bring them to wholesomeness in body, mind, and spirit. My own canines have enjoyed her massages and benefited from them by acting more sprite after each session. Her healing touch session with my sweet German Shepherd gave me a path and direction for his healing in spirit and physical health."




Usagi's Guardian, Veronica: "I am so often telling friends and clients to take Susan's classes in pet massage, I swear I sound like a commercial. Her massage classes have helped teach me how to use basic massage techniques for my own pets as well as for my foster animals. At 3R, we sometimes receive animals who are fearful or angry. The techniques have been useful in persuading them to accept human friendship and comfort after the betrayal of abandonment or even mistreatment. While all of my animals enjoy massage, my elderly cat actually demands it. If he doesn't get his sore little muscles done on time, he gets right in my face and yowls in protest. As a dog trainer, I recommend her massage classes as a way to develop a closer relationship, helping your dog feel more secure in their trust of your leadership skills. Providing comfort and healing touch reinforces the tendency to look to you for direction, as they learn that you are a reliable defender of their well-being. Susan has also been helpful with the rats who so frequently arrive in need of comfort. One of our rats who was here for hospice care responded very well to Susan's gentle work. Giving a dying animal another good day is just so valuable. We are lucky to have her caring, expert care just a phone call away."


Toughie's Guardian, Ingrid: "In March, my husband and I adopted a 7 year old retired racing greyhound, Reko Toughie. His previous owners decided to rehome him due to the extreme and disabling anxiety he suffered. Sue has worked with him several times and we're seeing many positive changes after every session. He's not only willing to accept affection but he's asking for affection. There is a dramatic change in his emotions and his control of emotions. One unexpected benefit of his HTA sessions is that he has improved body awareness. We're very grateful for all that Sue has done for Toughie and look forward to working with her as Toughie learns to be a normal dog and will definitely ask for help with any new additions we add to our family."



Jackie's Guardian, Lisa: "Jackie underwent surgery a few years ago for a ruptured disk and, since then, she occasionally has flare-ups with another disk. Sue has treated Jackie over the past few months, and I could not be more pleased with the results. Jackie has a nearly full range of motion now, and she feels so much better that I have to make sure she doesn't get too much exercise and overexert herself. I do not hesitate to recommend Sue to friends, family members, and to anyone who is going through a difficult time with an animal health issue."




Mookie's Guardian, Carol: "Thanks Sue for the massage Mookie, my 15 year old greyhound, got. Immediately after her massage she was tired, but by that night she was more energetic, happy and moving better than she was 7 years ago. It was amazing. Her back legs no longer shook when she stood and she could get up and down from a lying position effortlessly. I could not believe the difference in her. Now, I can't hold her back - I don't know if I should thank you for making her feel so great or complain because now I have an energetic dog that wants to play and go for walks all the time. Just kidding. Mookie and I are very grateful! Thank you Sue!"



Gus' Guardian, Kate: "Sue, I want to thank you again for the wonderful massage Gus received from you prior to his recent surgeries. I doubt he would have recovered so quickly and completely without your kind attention. I now recommend your ministrations to all my animal-loving friends. You can be certain that if Gus is ever stressed, under the weather, or needing surgery again, he will be treated by you first!"




Starlett's Foster Guardian, Deborah: "Dear Sue, I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with Starlett. She is a rescued cat. Before she came to us, her rear leg was crushed and had to be amputated. She came to us because she needs to recover from her physical and emotional wounds before she can be placed in a permanent home. Since she's been with us, she has spent most of her time under the couch. After about a week of care, she began to come out for visits, but always retreats to the couch when we move quickly or someone new enters the room. After her sessions with you, Starlett became suddenly much more outgoing! She was out from under the couch, playing with my adult cats. She visited me at my desk, purring the whole time, looking for affection. She is still timid, of course, but what a huge difference in just the one day! Thank you!"(Note - Deborah was fostering Starlett for Second Chance Pet Adoptions and she has since been adopted.)

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